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Learning English Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chan .
Feedback is more then welcome!

Warning: Spam comments will be hidden and reported. So please no advertisement or spam comments on my userpage, art or notes.

This also goes for strangers noting me for a reqeust. STOP DOING ITadklfjasjd
I don't do request, especially not for strangers.



kamigami no asobi cosplay by Kell0x
kamigami no asobi cosplay
old but a group drawing for my friends :heart: I WATCHED the anime Kamigami no Asobi, I like it a lot and decided to draw our characters from various projects that we all work on, such as Reapers, Ori, and Magical Boys ect they are drawn as some of the characters from the anime. Yes they are cosplaying xD

Logan is drawn as Balder (long hair and it fits him!)
Lok is drawn as...Loki xD lol  (and he makes it look good)
Faust is drawn as my favorite Toth :heart:
and Bell as Anubis (he look cute!)

Logan belongs to YaminaYugineAtema
Loki belongs to MangoGloor
Faust belongs to me :D 
Bell belongs to Libbit
May -Charles Shulz by Kell0x
May -Charles Shulz
My dedication to my work is what keeps me going'' - Charles Shulz

While his never work never did outright inspire me there is no mistake that Charles Shulz is one notable and dedicated comic/strip artist that needs to be remembered.

Sorry for the lack of update and drawings I went trough a stress full week finishing my internship report and spend a few days at my gf's place to relax and she helped me a lot in my work.
I finished some work here and there but give me some time. 

Used: Illustrator and black ink

NaokixPierce -at the beach- by Kell0x
NaokixPierce -at the beach-
This is old but I manage to finish it because my friend finally manage to send me the references for her OC xD

It's my oc Naoki and her oc Pierce who is totally looking at her cool bag and nothing else.
I was inspired to draw them because we were doing a rp of the two.

Summer is coming guys! you know what that means. More drawings of characters in bathing suit!  
Naoki is a character from Ori and my oc.
Pierce belongs to Libbit
Busy with my Internship report so I am sorry for my lack of webcomic pages or new drawings. = (
Jumping Time by Kell0x
Jumping Time
Mewtwo, Pink and Faust.

It's been nearly two years since I first designed Faust and I wanted to draw a little celebration.
 Little fun fact that Mewtwo was the main inspiration for the character. Pink was based of a Pokemon fan character who developed a crush on Mewtwo hahahah xD 

It's also on Tumblr…

Pink and Faust belong to me, they are my main characters for the Ori Webcomic
Mewtwo belongs to Gamefreaks, Nintendo he is designed by Ken Sugimori
GoliathxNightmare by Kell0x
If you don't like MXM I don't care, click away, please be respective.

Nightmare is swooned by the great Goliath, who already has a line of fangirls waiting for him
Based on a sketch I did, I showed it to my gf she really liked it and she wanted me to finish it, the sketch was kinda crude so I re-did  the pose. I was inspired by a bunch drawings of cute couples <3 Nightmare and Goliath are a couple in Monia and sort of canon in Wonderland. But in both versions Goliath is going to punch him first.

Nightmare is my character
Goliath belongs to MangoGloor
Jupiter and his Chibis by Kell0x
Jupiter and his Chibis
A gift for my good friend :iconyamineyugineatema:  You want to know more about the Jupiter and the other Galaxy members? go to her page, read her Galaxy comic you wont regret it and check out the rest of her gallery!



Artist | Student | Digital Art

Important Quotes:
All life is connected.
Love everything that lives. -Osamu Tezuka
Comic books are a bridge between cultures - Osamu Tezuka
Please, just let me work!! - Osamu Tezuka at his Death bed.
Friends, the comedy is over - Beethoven as his death bed.
Pictures are more important to me then dresses. - Anne Frank
We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. - Dalia Lama
Pride is not the opposite of shame it's the source of it - From Avatar the Last Air-bender.

I'm Dutch so excuse my poor grammar.

My gf is MangoGloor

Favorite artist: Osamu Tezuka, Keiko Takahishi Gerardo Sandoval, Testuya Nomura, Andy Park, Loisel , Hagio Moto, Alessando Barbucci, Kentaro Miura, Desberg,Stephan / Marini, Bruce Timm

Pixar Supports GLBT by Kell0x + a message from Woody to gay teens.

The Gay Agenda - Stamp by Cedarbox

Current Residence: Netherlans
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: The Birthday Massacre-To Die For
  • Reading: Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea
  • Watching: Bob's Burger season 5
  • Playing: Skullgirls
It wasn't smart making this journal yesterday, lol

It's been a day or two since I left my gf's place. We had a great time at the Dutch Comic Convention. I also spoiled my brother since it's his birthday this week I paid for his photo and autograph of Giancarlo Esposito.

I DIDN'T buy much for things for myself mostly just gifts and presents to friends and family...well I did got myself a 13 inc Cintiq...


It was cheaper then normal okay? DDKFAJDLSAJFKASJDFAJS

I'm going to be pretty busy again with my internship as I was able to take a few days off after ComiCon because I worked hard at the Business Expo to promote my internship business as well as socialize with other companies who need graphic designers. I ended up working both days around 10 and 11 in the evening and came home around 12 and 1 in the night.

However I want to practice on my Cintiq soon :heart: hopefully this Friday and weekend so I'm offering free sketches. It can be anything your characters, fan art portraits just give me a reference!
If it sounds good I will put it on my list. However if I ignore the request don't take it personally I am simply not up for it or I think I can't do it.   

Art status
Art trade with :iconmagicalcustardsquire:  FINISHED -part art trade not yet=
Art trade with :iconthelifeofburt:
late birthday drawing for :iconmissshadowqeeun: -progress-


Currently playing: Tomodachi Life, Tomb Raider 1, Tomb Raider Tol
Currently watching: Bob's Burger 


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