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Learning English Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chan .
Feedback is more then welcome!

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This also goes for strangers noting me for a reqeust. STOP DOING ITadklfjasjd
I don't do request, especially not for strangers.



Battle on the Roof by Kell0x
Battle on the Roof
FOOF this took a long time and sorry the perspective is off! fkaljflaj. I wanted to add so much here.

I wont be updating to much again after this because ComicCon is coming :la: I'm going there with my brother and gf.

Faust is fighting of a mysterious Ori on the roof protecting Pink who just lost her precious Yaoi manga *shot* (its based of my friend's Galaxy webcomic xD)
while Detective Charles and his Ori Lush are not to far away who are always looking for Faust to arrest. 

Drawn with Paintsai and Photoshop.
Characters and story of Ori belong to me.
Violet and Ramiska -Melody Perfume- by Kell0x
Violet and Ramiska -Melody Perfume-
The 3rd drawing for my Ori Flower Set series.
Its Violet and Ramiska, two characters of my webcomic series Ori
Ramiska has fallen asleep and Violet decided to let him rest.
Ramiska and Violet have a very deep family bond.

Trough Violet would almost get...violets xD Mangogloor decided she is more fitting for purple roses.
And a common purple rose is the 

Melody Perfume

is said that the essence of rose fragrance has healing and inspirational powers, and in particular that purple roses inspire creative self-expression. If that is true, than the sweetly spicy, old-rose fragrance of grandiflora Melody Parfumee should send your imagination soaring. Deep plum, high centered blooms gradually soften to rich lavender and finally to a delicate, silvery shade. Vigorous and repeat-blooming, you will appreciate this beauty for bouquets and for inspiration.…

Drawn with: Photshop, Paint Sai.

Violet and Ramiska belong to :iconmangogloor:
Pink Reference clothes part 1 by Kell0x
Pink Reference clothes part 1
Part 1 next time part 2 because...the photoshop file kept crashing due to being to much and to large. Blurgh
Anyway clothing references for my OC Pink.
Pink (Gretchen Goethe.) is the main character from my webcomic series Ori.
I wan to make more clothing references in the future but she will be my first.

March Peter van Straaten by Kell0x
March Peter van Straaten
and for this month's comic tribute: Peter van Straaten.
Quote '' The pen is my greatest love'' 
(his art style exist of using his pen.)
Another Dutch comic artist made the list :la:

Trough Peter's work hasn't really inspired me in the art style. I do admire his art style but I am a huge fan of his humor. I was introduced to his work trough my grandmother who collected his series '' The fat father and son'' which is about a stereotypical conservative father who has  short temper and poor social skills and his liberal skinny son who is popular with the ladies is part of a left wing political movement group but is super lazy, lives with his dad and never manages to keep a job longer then a week.

Peter's work mostly exist of funny political and social  jokes about the Dutch people and culture. It has a special place in my heart for m connection with my now deceased grandmother. :)

I still have her issue of the comic series in my room 
Young Faust by Kell0x
Young Faust
A young Faust finding a bunch of skeletons while scouting the arena. Confused by this as the skeletons seems to be less then 12 years old and bear a striking resemblance to his own shapes.

Just a start of Faust discovering  a few sins committed by his human creator. 

Concept and character belong to me Kell0x bla.
Mewtwo LOVEEEEE by Kell0x
Also on TUMBLR… with a white bg

Sort of rushed this , sorry but I wanted to draw some Mewtwo fan art this week after I missed out on so many occasions D; ( his birthday, his announcement as a DLC character in Supersmash.)
I freaking love this character so much you have no idea <3

I based one of my own characters on him, Geuss who?

(C) Nintendo, Gamefreak, Pokemon Team, Ken Sugimori 
A new breeze in the morning haze page 12 by Kell0x
A new breeze in the morning haze page 12
Previous page:…

We found out that Pink's parents are very occupied with their work/lifestyle then with their daughter. Pink taught herself a lot of skills including cooking and she is a huge fan of ''Go M!'' A popular  comic and anime in her world. 


Artist | Student | Varied

Important Quotes:
All life is connected.
Love everything that lives. -Osamu Tezuka
Comic books are a bridge between cultures - Osamu Tezuka
Please, just let me work!! - Osamu Tezuka at his Death bed.
Friends, the comedy is over - Beethoven as his death bed.
Pictures are more important to me then dresses. - Anne Frank
We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. - Dalia Lama
Pride is not the opposite of shame it's the source of it - From Avatar the Last Air-bender.

I'm Dutch so excuse my poor grammar.

My gf is MangoGloor

Favorite artist: Osamu Tezuka, Keiko Takahishi Gerardo Sandoval, Testuya Nomura, Andy Park, Loisel , Hagio Moto, Alessando Barbucci, Kentaro Miura, Desberg,Stephan / Marini, Bruce Timm

Pixar Supports GLBT by Kell0x + a message from Woody to gay teens.

The Gay Agenda - Stamp by Cedarbox

Current Residence: Netherlans
I will be away this weekend so no updates
Going to have a Digimon marathon with friends :heart:

Hey Guys I felt this journal needed an update since I haven't updated in a long while!

First my gf my brother and I are going to Dutch Comic Con :D who else is going?
I know a few of my friends are going as well and if anyone else will be there, let me know maybe we can meet up or have a quick chat!

Second I am quite busy and yet not so-busy. My internship is really nice and relaxing but it can also be pretty hectic and stress full. But I won't complain to much. I do learn a few new things in the terms of Graphic Design and when I have freetime I can droodle and draw for myself.
I'm a little behind with drawing this but I am doing my best. I am trough tired of drawing Camels. (it's the symbol of the company I work for unfortunately lol.)

I'm really looking forward to new stuff coming out this year. Marvelous Lady Bug will finally show, the second Sonic / Megaman crossover will start with SEGA AND OTHER CAPCOM CHARACTERS ASJKFDASLJF

A new Astroboy Reboot. :la: and a buck load of movies.
I just wish I had more time, So little time so much to see.

I also am the winner of a Tomb Raider Raffle!  LARA CROFT:TEMPLE OF OSIRIS RAFFLE WINNERLast week we hosted a giveaway raffle for you guys, for a chance to win a Steam code for Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris!
Make sure to check it out and read what our participants said they'd give Lara Croft for her birthday, the occasion we did the raffle for.
Each of the participants' names were sealed in their own little pocket:
Here's the list of our participants (you can open in new tab to enlarge):

And here's whom we drafted :la:!
Thanks so much for playing with us, congrats to the lucky winner :la:
:twitter: You can also follow us on Twitter where we usually host smaller raffles and giveaways:
 :la: pretty happy about it!

Art status
Art trade with :iconmagicalcustardsquire:  FINISHED -part art trade not yet=
Art trade with :iconthelifeofburt:
late birthday drawing for :iconmissshadowqeeun: -progress-


Currently playing: Tomodachi Life, Tomb Raider 1, Tomb Raider Tol
Currently watching: Bob's Burger 


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