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Learning English Stamp by Fischy-Kari-chan .
Feedback is more then welcome!

Warning: Spam comments will be hidden and reported. So please no advertisement or spam comments on my userpage, art or notes.

This also goes for strangers noting me for a reqeust. STOP DOING ITadklfjasjd
I don't do request, especially not for strangers.





A new breeze in the morning haze page 03 by Kell0x
A new breeze in the morning haze page 03
previous page: <da:thumb id="492002638">

Going to Germany this week, then off to Nishi-con see you guys next week <3

special thanks for helping me with the text :iconlibbit: 
Happy Halloween 2015 by Kell0x
Happy Halloween 2015
But hey Kell0x wasn't Halloween like a week ago?

Your mom is a week ago okay. SHUT UP OKAY  SDALFJ
Busy with school
going to Germany this week for a school assignment. 

manage to finish this !
from left to right
We got Jupiter and Moon! ( they belong to :devyaminayigineatema: ) they are cosplaying this Halloween as Sesshomaru and Inuyasha.
Those are Yamina's fave characters!
Jupiter is more like forced to go while Moon is very happy with the candy he is getting,
next to him is Mammon in a a peacock outfit. He's proud to show of. ( he belongs to MangoGloor )  she wanted him in a peacock outfit xD
Then there is my character Mandy (old oc I'm reviving. ) as a Witch.
in the backround there is the not-so-happy  Dietrich Acubens giving out candy and for the shit and giggles there is a deformed Dionte Batt xD. IDK I GOT HIGH ON CHOCOLATE AND COFFEE.
They belong to Vervain-Vanity 
Mahou Sonikku boys Lol by Kell0x
Mahou Sonikku boys Lol
a Sonic fan character parody on the Magical Boys project with my friends s on Facebook, already posted this some time ago but since there is a lot of Sonic fc groups on Deviantart I thought I could share it here as well.

Its basically our characters in Sonic/Sega style form.
From left to right.
logan the Dog belongs to :iconyaminayugineatema: Yann Kakopo ( a nice idea by my friend Nadia xDDDDD) Jason the Bear belongs to :iconmangogloor: Arthur the bunny belongs to :iconlibbit: Taran the Racoon belongs to :iconkieltje: and Phill the Ferret  also belongs to Glooreh,

Sonic style belong sto SEGA!
A new breeze in the morning haze page 02 by Kell0x
A new breeze in the morning haze page 02
previous page: <da:thumb id="492001040">

So the hardest part of the school project is officially over
till this week when we are going to get started on our new project ; ) which hopefully will not be so  time consuming then again I learned a lot from this project and hopefully can show some of the fruits I worked on. I am also going to be busy looking for a new Internship for next year. Wish me luck.

So we started on the 3rd chapter/issue of Ori! A new Breeze in the morning Haze!
Faust shape-shifting powers come in handy as he can change into a human, a pretty handsome dazzling human that is.

 special thanks to :iconyaminayugineatema: She scanned the pages in for me when I had a sleepover for her house warming party and she gave the files for the pages the most hilarious names xDDDDDDDD
Go to her gallery for her awesome art and her cool Galaxy webcomic!

Special thanks to :iconlibbit: for fixing the text


Artist | Student | Varied

Important Quotes:
All life is connected.
Love everything that lives. -Osamu Tezuka
Comic books are a bridge between cultures - Osamu Tezuka
Please, just let me work!! - Osamu Tezuka at his Death bed.
Friends, the comedy is over - Beethoven as his death bed.
Pictures are more important to me then dresses. - Anne Frank
We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection. - Dalia Lama
Pride is not the opposite of shame it's the source of it - From Avatar the Last Air-bender.

I'm Dutch so excuse my poor grammar.

My gf is MangoGloor

Favorite artist: Osamu Tezuka, Keiko Takahishi Gerardo Sandoval, Testuya Nomura, Andy Park, Loisel , Hagio Moto, Alessando Barbucci, Kentaro Miura, Desberg,Stephan / Marini, Bruce Timm

Pixar Supports GLBT by Kell0x + a message from Woody to gay teens.

The Gay Agenda - Stamp by Cedarbox

Current Residence: Netherlans
Hey boys and girls!

I haven't updated much because  I have been super busy with school and various stuff happened.
First, my tablet died ;.; ( RIP.) I am now using my older Tablet who doesn't work very well until I buy a new one.
As most of you know, I moved in back with my parents because I landowner is very ill and he wants to move himself so that means Ig got an expended travel time between me and school ( two fucking hours.)
This is also my last year and the most important year I need to do my best with my studies.
One of my school projects is to make a calendar for 2015. I discussed this with my teachers and they gave me the idea that I make a calender a tribute to 12 comic artist. ( after all they know I want to be a comic artist myself one day and they thought the concept would fit me.)

So I am planning to make a calender tribute to 12 comic artist I admire. I wanted to use a mascot character and Libbit gave me the idea to use an character of my ongoing webcomic Ori.
I decided to use Pink but male-Pink instead : 3 a male Gretchen will be drawn in 12 different styles and I be posting them here so I hope you guys are looking forward do it!

Does anyone btw know what happened to :icontervaco: ? His account has been deactivated and I have no other means to contact him. I just wonder what happened. 

Art status
Art trade with :iconmagicalcustardsquire:  FINISHED -part art trade not yet=
late birthday drawing for :iconmissshadowqeeun: -progress-
Gift -00 percent complete. 


Currently playing: Five Nights after Freddy's, Puyo Pop Fever
Currently watching: Brigadoon 


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